The Chateau of the Enigmas (Riddle Castle)

Finally, a fun visit
©Vendôme Tourisme - Corinne GONTIER

The Chateau of the Enigmas is a new-style theme park which offers an original and amusing visit: you make discoveries while having fun in every corner of the Chateau de Rocheux ! You’ll need skill, logic, and team spirit…

The Chateau de Rocheux opens its doors and invites you to meet Willy and his fellow the knight Gauvain to investigate.

Exciting treasure hunt (available in English) of more than 3 hours in a superb setting.

3 hours of treasure hunt !

“It’s the holidays and we have to keep the grandchildren busy !

They like treasure hunts and I was sure they would like the Enigmas castle. Log book and pencil in pocket here we are in search of the final puzzle.

The larger ones help the smaller one solve puzzles for almost 3 hours. The children have enjoyed themselves like crazy through the wooded park, the animal farm, the castle and its outbuildings to solve the 28 games and adventure challenges. ”

The reward

“The journey is over, the final puzzle of the Château de Rocheux is close…

The children validate their answers on a numerical border and super, they have found the clue

For their courage and insight, they received a detective’s degree.

I’ll be back with the biggest ones to do the Escape Game ! ”

Lilie, Leo, Joy and Grandma

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