The Promenades Photographiques




© Festival Promenades Photographiques à Vendôme- Parc du château | Vendôme Tourisme

From July 3rd to August 30th


10 exhibitions

Yann DATESSEN, Samir AMEZIAN, Paul BAUDON, Margot PIVOT, Roland DROVER, Sarah CARON and Ludovic ALUSSI…

in Vendôme : la chapelle Saint-Jacques, le manège Rochambeau, le parc du château, & Blois

The Promenades Photographiques are invitations to discover the subjects and styles of antique and contemporary photographs.

Driven by exacting artistic requirements, their priority is to reveal new photographers and subjects by showing well-known or forgotten artists but also the younger generation’s work.

Another feature: these exhibitions are open to everybody, fostering cultural connection. For 17 years, more than 500 professional photographers have had a solo show or exhibited their work during group shows.

A dynamic team for a great festival

With its artistic director, Odile Andrieu (the festival’s creator), there is a team of both professionals and volunteers who are busy all year preparing a great show that lasts 2 ½ months. Today, nearly 80,000 visitors a year come to the Promenades Photographiques and the national press is unanimous in its recognition.

And what about you, when will you come and have a look?

A word of warning: one day won’t be enough to see everything! Make sure you have at least 2 days!

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