The Vendôme Classic 2.0 Rally

© Rallye de voitures anciennes-Le Vendôme Classic 2.0 | Sophie Manuel

If you enjoyed the Vendôme 1 and the Chambord,
you are going to love the Vendô
me Classic 2.0.

 See you in 2022 !


4 days of rally in Vendôme area for 49 teams,
as well as public entertainment.

A car show on Saturday

Organized by the Valve Association, open to the public and presented by car collectors, actors, extras from the region and the Vendôme Classic 2.0 rally participants will parade through the pedestrian street (rue du Change) from 6:30 to 8:00 pm with the theme of movie cars and crazy car legends.

An exhibit in the Grand Manège riding-school,
not to be missed!

During the entire weekend, in the Grand Manège riding-school of the Rochambeau quarter, in the historical center of Vendôme, city of art and history, you can admire superb automobiles.

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