The Boursay organic festival

Fête Bio BoursayFête Bio Boursay
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The Boursay organic festival was created by the precursors of organic agriculture in the Perche region, 34 years ago.  Its the Maison Botanique that has taken over the torch of the organization.

From a traditional market, the association has chosen to make it a true celebration of organic products and environmentally friendly practices by expanding the wide range of products offered and the structures invited.

Some sixty exhibitors to let you discover their know-how and knowledge, to taste their production. 
Environmental education, nature conservation or eco-responsible practices associations are also present to discuss and discuss with you.

To enrich this day, many activities are offered for children and adults.

The organic festival takes place in the heart of the village of Boursay and takes advantage of the premises and outdoor amenities created by the association : Chemin des Trognes (which will allow you to discover the richness of the Percheron landscape with its horns, its groves, the beach, the flora …), gardens

Sunday, September 8th 2024


Food & Drink

The BIO catering (obviously !) is entirely provided by the association’s volunteers.

Beautiful taste discoveries will be offered to you !

You can enjoy fresh, mixed and original salads, home-made and local sandwiches, pancakes, waffles and other organic surprises…

All this will make you thirsty. No problem : an organic refreshment bar will be provided throughout the day.

Picnics are allowed on the site (outside the restaurant area).Another good address : the flea market “Once upon a time” where you can taste local products.

Local producers and craftsmen

The will of the Maison Botanique through the organization of this event is simple : it wants to promote local producers and stakeholders committed to a strong environmental approach.
This festival is attended by organic producers, eco-builders, traders of hygiene and health products, clothing, environmental education, nature protection or eco-responsible practices associations, support and information structures, particularly as regards waste sorting and energy saving…

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