©Foliart Festival


3 days of celebration in the courtyard of the Town Hall of Montoire-sur-le Loir

June 28th, 29th, 30th 2024

Concerts, exhibitions, performances & theaters
And it’s FREE!

The Foliart Festival, what is it?

The initiative aims to bring together the people of Montoire and the surrounding area for three days to showcase and promote local artists, while revitalizing the local heritage and promoting social values such as eco-responsibility, openness to others and accessibility. We also aim to create an event open to all, and therefore free of charge. Cultural initiatives will be deployed in schools and hospitals, including concerts and debates, with the aim of making culture accessible to a wider public.

Discover the complete program for the 2024 edition by following this link!

New for 2024

In order to highlight local artisans, we are introducing a creators’ market freely accessible throughout the festival. This multi-disciplinary market aims to promote local know-how and “handmade” crafts, offering a variety of creations such as textiles, ceramics, decorations and more. Among the participants, discover “Slow Burn Upcycling”, which makes new clothes using existing textiles, promoting unique, original and ETHICAL pieces!

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