Gare à la Rochette


Gare à la Rochette it’s more than musical festival.

Pear workshops for young and old, movies projections,outdoor scene, local wine production.

On the site of the old train station of the town in the middle of the caves, winemakers with concerts, DJs…

Thoré la Rochette is known for this numerous wine cellar where wine  was made. Nowdays they are known to  celebrate party.

Gare à la Rochette 2023

Figures Libres decided has decided to expand both collaborations and cultural sharing over 3 days. Meet on 16, 17 & 18 June 2023 !

Always  free access for all generations.

Friendly atmosphere…

“Gare à la Rochette is a festival of music unlike any other. Friendly atmosphere in the middle of the cellars with various music styles. Arriving alone, we meet at the end of the evening with a bunch of friends. ?  ”

Luka – music fan

Places to sleep ?