Gare à la Rochette


Call it what you want: the Fiesta, the Nouba, the Bringue, the Party, the Fair, why not the Fredaine!Be careful at the start!

Be careful at the start! June 14-15-16 is Gare à la Rochette 2024!

Gare à la Rochette, it’s much more than a music festival!

Gare à la Rochette

Gare à la Rochette what is it?
Initially, Gare à la Rochette was an evening to celebrate the music festival on the Saturday before June 21 on the site of the Gare de Thoré-la-Rochette. In recent years, Gare à la Rochette has been developed over 3 days and 3 different sites!

With a multidisciplinary program, Gare à la Rochette is much more than a music festival: concerts, workshops for children, film-concert, mix, graffiti, tourist train, bar & restaurant… It’s a celebration of music like no other. Friendly atmosphere in the middle of the cellars among others with various styles of music.

Programming 2024:

The upcoming program will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for announcements and event details.To discover here

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