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Tourist tax

What is the tourist tax?

The tourist tax has existed in France since 1910 and is collected in the vast majority of tourist destinations.

Intended to increase tourist attendance and improve tourist reception, this contribution to tourism investment is borne by tourists, customers of the various accommodations in the area.

Which tourist tax for the Territoires Vendômois territory?

The Agglomeration has a tourism development project, for a renewed influence and attractiveness of its territory and positions this project at the heart of its overall economic development strategy.

In order to consolidate the resources devoted to this policy, the Vendômois Territories community council, and in accordance with the General Code of Territorial Collectivities, has introduced a real tourist tax on the whole of its administrative perimeter which will be collected over the period from April 1 to October 31.

What rates are applicable?

2021 price list (unchanged compared to 2018)


What are the exemptions?

Are exempt from the tourist tax:

– Minors (people under the age of 18)
– Holders of a seasonal employment contract employed in the Territoires Vendômois territory,
– Beneficiaries of emergency accommodation or temporary relocation