Médiathèque Nef Europa à Montoire-sur-le Loir

Spectacle « Contes Renaissance selon Garance ! » à Montoire-sur-le Loir

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  • Et pataouète et patatras" show in Montoire-sur-le Loir. By the Cie à conter d?aujourd?hui :
    This is a story of successive exoduses between 1830 and 1962, from Sicily to Algeria to France. It's the story of 3 men, from my great-great-grandfather to my grandfather. It's also, and above all, a collection of traditional pied-noir tales, and an opportunity to let the pataouète language resonate once again, with its verbiage, accent and musicality."
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  • On July 17, 2024 from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM