Investigation at the foundry museum

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For children aged 6 and over

Collect clues and use your brain to solve this thrilling investigation in the Fréteval Foundry Museum.

And for those who come with them

This museum is a space that showcases Fréteval’s industrial heritage: models of parts, frames, firebacks; the stages of manufacture, what is a “cupola”? But also the lifestyle, what was the rhythm, the context…

Rendez-vous at Fréteval

Museum located Place Pierre Genevée in Fréteval. Visits from the 1st Saturday in May to the last Saturday in October; Wednesdays, 2:30 pm to 5 pm and Saturdays, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Open to groups by appointment.

But who stole the Museum?

Who hasn’t dreamed of investigating a theft? If you’re trying to find the culprit in a detective series, you’re finally going to be able to lead your own investigation! You’re going to take part in this adventure and solve a theft. You’ll need to be patient, clever and perceptive. Have fun solving the case. You’ll be given clues at each stage. You can solve the investigation on your own or in a small group, with family or friends.

Using the booklet available either from the media library or directly from the museum, the investigation begins with a little background information. “When you leave the media library at nightfall, you discover the open door of the foundry. An object has been stolen, and several suspects are presented to the day’s investigators. Clues have been left all over the museum by the culprit, so you’ll have to visit it from one end to the other. A bit of reading, a bit of arithmetic and a lot of observation skills are needed to solve the riddle!”

The adventure continues!

For a totally free afternoon out with the whole family in Fréteval, pick up a Randoland game card from the tourist office just 100 m from the museum!

You can then continue your day in the streets of Fréteval while having fun. The route will take you all the way to the castle!

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