Show Museum of traditional music!
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Musikenfête is a show museum of traditional music… a collection of musical instruments from around the world staged in a playful and interactive way.

The museum was born from the World Folklore Festival which takes place every year the week of August 15

Do not hesitate to ask at the beginning of the visit for the Little Note Hunter game questionnaire!

The guided & animated tour of the museum

The museum brings together 500 musical instruments from around the world, from the best known to the most unusual, spread over 5 spaces: the shop, the exhibition hall, the first space, the musical nave and the planetary attic.

The first space is devoted to instruments by family. The guide will explain how they are made and where they come from. You will also be able to observe a magnificent chime of concert bells from China, a copy of a 2400-year-old instrument.

The Musical Nave, the jewel of this museum, was designed for the location by Robert Hébrard, a French luthier-musician. In the dark, you will be amazed by 6 giant instruments, which you will not find anywhere else. On to the concert! The guide will invite you to play a tune on the instruments.

Direction the first floor with a passage by the staircase in color painted entirely with the feather of birds? You will see a steel band playing alone as you approach and the planetary attic to discover the rest of the museum’s collection classified by geographical area. You can listen to music through headphones. Films invite you to discover how to play different instruments from all over the world. A video of the Montoire Festival will end your visit.

The animations

In addition to the various spaces for the presentation of instruments and creation, there are various activities throughout the year: the musical workshop for groups of children, concerts, but also children’s workshops during school holidays: flute making pan, Russian dolls…

Places to sleep ?