Troglodyte weekend

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Explore the Troglodytic City of Trôo and discover its mysterious troglodytic treasures!

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Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 September 2024

A stone’s throw away: don’t hesitate to stop at Roches l’Evêques and push the door of our winegrowers in Montoire-sur-le Loir, Thoré-la-Rochette & Villiers-sur-Loir

Troglo weekend

Discover the village of Trôo (a troglodyte town and a “petite Cité de Caractère”) in an unusual way during a special TROGLO weekend!

You’ll discover this atypical village: troglo dwellings exceptionally open for the occasion, cellar workshops, troglodytic cellars…

Other events such as an arts and crafts fair, a gourmet market, a giant house sale… will complete the opening of these places dug into the rock.

The 2024 program is here!

Troglodyte holidays

Immerse yourself in the troglodytic experience by booking an overnight stay at the troglogîtes de la Tourette in Les Roches l’Evêque or a weekend at the Vieux Chai gîte (semi-troglodytic) in Trôo.

To savor local cuisine and discover the delights of the region, head to Le Petit Trôo du Cheval Blanc and L’Auberge Sainte Catherine in Trôo, where fresh, local produce will delight your taste buds.

Get ready for a wonderful troglodyte weekend!

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