Escape Castle in Fréteval

Will you pass the exam and enter the famous Rocheux Witches and Wizards Academy? 

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You will have 60 minutes to solve the riddle

In Rocheux Chateau, the Escape Castle 41 takes place in 2 rooms with 2 to 5 people for an adventure full of twists and turns with 2 different scenarios.

You will have 60 minutes to escape from a room and solve amusing puzzles in order to unravel a thrilling plot: the entrance exam to the Rocheux Witches and Wizards Academy or the mysterious study room of Professor Dragonnard.

In order to escape, you’ll have to solve many riddles, find secret codes, handle unusual objects. Make sure that all your senses are wide awake!

During the game, you will be guided by a “game master” who will follow your progression thanks to the installed cameras. This way, he will be able to interact with you if you ask for his help.

You will also be able to follow the playful itinerary of the Chateau of the Enigmas (Riddle Castle) to investigate with Willy and the knight Gauvain…

A good way to spend some time with children or friends…

Good point: can be reserved online.

A pleasant time to do with children, with friends…

“We tested the Escape Castle to five players and everyone really enjoyed it. Many enigmas to solve but what a pleasure !”

Great frame for this really cool escape game.

“The game master is very involved and guides you if necessary, the more or less difficult enigmas make you want to continue and are rewarding when we manage to solve them. I really recommend it, it was my first Escape Game and it motivates me to make others. ”

The + : for your convenience, book your tickets online.

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