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Artists and artisans

When you visit their studios, artists and artisans will share their universe with you, showing you their work and explaining their techniques.



Discovering artists:

Discover how Claire, a glass spinning artist, makes her beads to create jewels with Murano glass in her studio/shop in the troglodytic town of Trôo  or Nadège (Chrysalix cuir) who works the manual embossing, the incision of the leather, to give it relief, depth, and give another dimension to the objects she creates, thanks to the dyeing work.

The Coteaux art glass maker’s studio located in the Loir Valley (Loir-en-Vallée) owned by Lucille and Nicolas is an ideal place to find a unique piece of art.

Discover forgotten occupations:

The leather museum of Chateau-Renault will surprise you with its rich collection, the different stages of traditional leather-making are on display. Discover the long and difficult process of working the skin in a museum located in the old 16th century Tenneson tannery.

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