On the rails

©M.Deniau-Vendôme Tourisme

The Loir valley offers a wealth of opportunities for discovery on foot, by bike, on the water and even on the railroads.

The Association du Train Touristique de la Vallée du Loir invites you to explore this magnificent region aboard an authentic 50s railcar or a draisine offering a 360° panoramic view.

A word of advice: please book your place before the day of the trip to guarantee your participation on the desired day. Reservations are available here.

Loir Valley tourist train

Climb aboard this little tourist train, decked out in the colors of the Loir Valley, for a leisurely 3-hour escapade, at a leisurely 30 km/h. Let yourself be transported! At this speed, you’ll have plenty of time to appreciate the splendor of the Vallée du Loir landscape!

Before arriving at Trôo station, you’ll want to stop over the TGV line. At 300 km/h, you’ll have to watch out for the train passing right underneath you! A breathtaking experience!

Along the way, one of the volunteers from the “Train Touristique de la Vallée du Loir” association will accompany you and guide you with fascinating commentaries, accompanied by a video, to feed your curiosity by informing you about the must-see sights and activities to discover in the magnificent Vendômois region.

Bonus: for added convenience, book your tickets online.

360° ride on a draisine

Explore the Vallée du Loir aboard a draisine offering a 360° panoramic view, giving you the impression of walking on rails!

This time, let us take you on a guided trip in a small group aboard this strange vehicle, usually used for railroad maintenance, in particular for inspecting lines and transporting maintenance equipment and personnel.

There are two itineraries to choose from: head for the troglos or dive into a page of history. Reservations are essential.