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in the Arville Templar Commandery

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One of the best preserved Commandery in France

A living evocation

of the Templars' history

Founded by Templar Knights in the early 12th century, the Commandery of Arville is unique for the size of its vestiges, the best preserved Commandery in France, according to the French medieval historian Régine Pernoud.


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The 12th century Templar church, porch surrounded by two monumental towers, tithe barn, pigeon house, bakehouse, 15th and 16th century stables, every building evokes the monastic knights’ everyday life before their departure for the Holy Land. Both a Templar recruiting and military training center, the Commandery was also an important place of production and economic activity, financing the military operations in the Holy Land.

An immersion in the Templars daily life is offered to you in 9 dioramas where you travel from occident to orient, discovering the history of the Templars and the Crusades.

Outside, a botanical path follows the former ramparts and leads to a medieval-style garden divided into four flower beds (field plants, useful plants, medicinal plants and vegetables). There are more than a hundred plants reflecting the daily life and beliefs of medieval society.

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Idea !

Extend your visit with the discovery of the Perche hills by bike, following the marked itinerary “circuit des Templiers“.

Le pouvoir des TEMPLIERS - Commanderie d'Arville
Le pouvoir des TEMPLIERS - Commanderie d'Arville
Le pouvoir des TEMPLIERS - Commanderie d'Arville

Visit one of the best preserved Templar Commanderie in France.


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