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Vendôme, city of water and light

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An exceptional historical patrimony sublimated by water and light.

The itinerary!

The illumination tour covers the same route as the Au Coeur de la Ville” tour.

Departing from the tourist office, every visitor can go on their own, just follow the blue lights on the ground or on the street lamps.

Golden and white light reveals the elegant stone and natural patrimony of the city, in the style of the Vendôme trademark.

Blue light illuminates emblematic monuments such as the Saint-Martin tower or the Trinity bell tower.

Different colors can be seen on the Saint-Jacques chapel varying with special events.


Hunt the Saint-Bienheuré dragon! You will be surprised by a legendary animal!

A story in memory of Saint-Bienheuré who killed a dragon.
Find the number of dragons on the illuminated walls.

An ideal walk to do after a dinner !

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