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Vendôme, town of artistic and historic interest

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Vendôme… much more than just a town square!
An exceptional historical heritage enhanced by the arms of the Loir and nature…

An exceptional historical patrimony sublimated by water

Vendôme (from “Vindocinum”, the white mountain) offers a rich medieval heritage at the foot of a hillside bathed by the Loir River.
The best way to discover this town is from the terrace of the Château des Bourbon-Vendôme, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Trinité abbey and the Rochambeau district.
Continue on to the historic town center, once surrounded by ramparts, of which several remains remain: the Porte Saint-Georges (decorated with medallions from the 16th c.) and the Porte d’Eau (13th c.).
The Place Saint-Martin, at the foot of the eponymous church, with its timber-framed houses, lives to the rhythm of the famous carillon of the bell tower, under the protection of Rochambeau, hero of the American War of Independence.

2 signposted “heritage” trails will ensure you don’t miss any of our monuments: “In the heart of the town” and “A stroll to the castle“.



Did you know that the Place Vendôme in Paris owes its name to the town of Vendôme?

It’s so named because César de Vendôme, duc de Vendôme and son of Henri IV, had a magnificent mansion built on this site, at the heart of the great urban project imagined later by Louis XIV.
In the collective imagination, Vendôme is a square, but it’s much more than that.
It’s an area rich in innovative businesses, heritage, cultural dynamism, vineyards, gastronomy and craftsmen who can justifiably claim to be related to the famous Parisian square.
All these players have been brought together in a network that forms the Vendôme brand.


  • Trinité Abbey and its incredible flamboyant Gothic façade
  • the Porte Saint-Georges
  • the Collège des Oratoriens (where the young Balzac studied)
  • Place Saint-Martin and its timber-framed houses
  • the remains of the Bourbon-Vendôme château
  • the Rochambeau district
  • the Islette tower
  • Saint-Jacques chapel
  • numerous parks and gardens
  • the “In the heart of the city” signposted circuit
  • the signposted “Stroll to the castle” tour
  • guided tours in the company of our tour guides
  • audio tours with the free Wivisites application


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Vendôme, Ville d'eau et de Lumière
Vendôme, Ville d'eau et de Lumière
Vendôme, Ville d'eau et de Lumière
An ideal walk to do after a dinner !

A tour idea to discover some of our must-sees, including the town of Vendôme.

Vendôme Place à la Découverte en Val de Loire
Vendôme Place à la Découverte en Val de Loire
Vendôme Place à la Découverte en Val de Loire

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