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750km de chemins
de randonnée équestre en Vendômois

In the Vendômois region, several riding schools and stables line the equestrian itineraries or are located nearby: Auvine and Brunel stud farms in Savigny-sur-Braye, the Montoire-sur-le Loir equestrian center, the Vendômois stables in Azé, Naveil équitation and La Boulonière in Souday.

The Vendômois region offers a multitude of looped circuits, ideal for horseback or carriage excursions, giving riders and drivers the opportunity to discover its landscapes and rich heritage, whether for a day or an extended getaway.

Each circuit invites you to explore the emblematic sites and diverse panoramas of the Vendôme region, from the hills of the Perche to the picturesque valley of the Loir.

Equestrian centers certified by the Fédération Française d’Équitation as “equestrian tourism centers” specialize in the practice of horseback riding in the heart of nature. They offer high-quality services and certified guides.

Under the supervision of horse-riding professionals, set off in complete safety for an hour’s ride, a day’s exploration or a multi-day adventure on horseback through these magnificent landscapes.

New for 2024!

The Communauté d’Agglomération Territoires vendômois has set up a number of equestrian circuits, covering well-developed routes and serving local equestrian infrastructures. These routes encourage the discovery of tourist sites as well as sites of natural, heritage or architectural interest, while promoting a respectful approach to the environment.

The routes, which are accessible to both riders and carriage drivers, are designed around specific themes:

Circuit 1 « La Vallée du Loir… à cheval, troglodytes et patrimoine » (55 km – 3 days).
Circuit 2 « Entre Loir et Braye… à cheval, la nature » (52 km – 3 days).

Find out more about these two courses here.

HERE is the list of accommodations associated with these new routes:

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