The wine‑cellar of the wine‑dresser

of Trôo
La Cave Du Vigneron à TrôoLa Cave Du Vigneron à Trôo
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A seductive visit of a museum-bistro.

Grapevines in Trôo have a long history since there is a document dating back to 1224 attesting to the presence of vineyards in the troglodytic village…

The Trôo vineyards had a very good reputation, but in the 1960’s, the last vines in the village were lost.
It was not until 2013 that a new wine-grower, Benoit Savigny, decided to bring Trôo back to its wine heritage by planting new vines.

Discover all the history of the vine thanks to the Museum of the vine opened since 2019.

The wine-cellar of the wine-grower, café and tea-room called the “ResTrôo“, is also a rich and unusual stop. Get into the depth of the tuffeau lime-stone or stay outside on a terrace at the foot of the troglodytic hill.

Hungry or thirsty ? This is the opportunity to try local products from Vendôme selected with care by the volunteers of Trôo Tourism.

A mouth-watering stop
at the ResTrôo

The wine-dresser cellar is a convivial place where you can rest after a walk in the steep streets of the charming troglodytic village. Simple dishes for lunch or tea-time are served.

The wine-dresser cellar is also a shop with local products where you can find not only the wine of the only local wine-grower Benoît Savigny, but also various beers made by local brewers.

As to the food, you will find terrines made at the Cormier farm (Ruillé-sur-Loir), saffron jam from la Chapelle-Vicomtesse or flavored with caramelized walnuts from Lunay…

In otherwords, without a doubt you will find something to bring back for yourself or as a gift!


June : saturday to sunday : de 11:45 AM to 04.45 PM (+ June 6th).

July and august : wednesday to sunday : 11:30 AM to à 06:15 PM (+ July 14th and August 15th)

September : saturday and sunday : 11:45 AM à 4:45 PM

The grapevine and antiques museum

This tiny museum, located “rue Auguste Arnault, is divided into two parts:

-the first part tells you about the village, how it was a wine-grower’s community and grapevines had just been replanted thanks to our local wine-grower, Benoît Savigny. The museum showcases three different appellations of the Loir valley (Côteaux du Vendômois, Côteaux du Loir and Jasnières) though numerous wine-dresser’s objects.

-the second part is dedicated to antique objects of everyday life.

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