The wine-cellar of the wine-dresser

of Trôo
La Cave Du Vigneron à TrôoLa Cave Du Vigneron à Trôo
©La Cave Du Vigneron à Trôo|C.Gontier-Vendôme Tourisme

Grapevines in Trôo have a long history since there is a document dating back to 1224 attesting to the presence of vineyards in the troglodytic village…

The Trôo vineyards had a very good reputation, but in the 1960’s, the last vines in the village were lost.
It was not until 2013 that a new wine-grower, Benoit Savigny, decided to bring Trôo back to its wine heritage by planting new vines.

The wine-cellar of the wine-grower, café and tea-room called the “ResTrôo“, is also a rich and unusual stop. Get into the depth of the tuffeau lime-stone or stay outside on a terrace at the foot of the troglodytic hill.

Hungry or thirsty ? This is the opportunity to try local products from Vendôme selected with care by the volunteers of Trôo Tourism.

A mouth-watering stop
at the ResTrôo

The wine-dresser cellar is a convivial place where you can rest after a walk in the steep streets of the charming troglodytic village. Simple dishes for lunch or tea-time are served.

The wine-dresser cellar is also a shop with local products where you can find not only the wine of the only local wine-grower Benoît Savigny, but also various beers made by local brewers.

As to the food, you will find terrines made at the Cormier farm (Ruillé-sur-Loir), saffron jam from la Chapelle-Vicomtesse or flavored…

In otherwords, without a doubt you will find something to bring back for yourself or as a gift!

Openings 2024 :
Open from Saturday 27 April to 29 September.
For opening times and to book your table, click here

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