The "world folklore" Festival of Montoire

©Chili - Festival de Montoire

Before World War II, in Montoire, every August 15, there was a “grand corso fleuri” (floral floats parade) accompanied by musical bands and groups of local young people.

That event, organized by the festival committee, was a great success. In the same vein as that day of celebration, came the idea of organizing an even larger event to make it interesting for young people and to get more of them to volunteer in the committee.

That is how the first European Folklore festival came into being in 1973.

Today the festival is :

A team of 150 volunteers,

A real circus tent which can accommodate 2000 people,

About 10 groups from the 5 continents invited every year

Shows every night, exhibitions, lectures, discovery training, typical meals set to music, craftsmanship, street animations, and radio shows open to the public and on August 15 a special afternoon for families.

An important venue for world cultures: Musikenfête, the Show Museum dedicated to the world’s traditional musical instruments, was created after the Festival in May 1997.
Several thousand music lovers and school children have visited it, but also hundreds of interested people who took notice of the impressive totem located at the entrance.

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