The excursion train of the Loir valley

Tchou, Tchou !

Get on board this old-fashioned excursion train for a journey in the Loir valley.
This railcar of the 50’s will take you to Trôo, a little troglodytic town.
A 3-hour journey to discover the treasures of the Vendô
mois region.

On the way to Trôo station, you will make a stop over the TGV (high speed train) railway line.
Careful, be prepared to see the train zip by at up to 300 km/hour!

For beginners or experienced athletes, why not go to the train station by bike along the Saint-Jacques de Compostela route (la route de Saint-Jacques à vélo) or the Loir valley (Vallée du Loir à vélo) ?

3 hours to discover the riches of the Vendômois

“As every year with my kids gym we organize a holiday. This year we chose Vendômois as our destination and especially the trip on board the Tourist Train of the Loir Valley. The association called on the commercial service of the Tourist Office of Vendôme – Territories Vendômois to organize this trip. We left Thoré-la-Rochette station on a Saturday morning in June for a 3-hour trip.

On board the train, TV screens show us all the riches of the Loir Valley and the sites to visit along the train route: the village of Thoré, the mushroom cellars, Lavardin “One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France”, Musikenfête, the troglos and especially the village of Trôo “troglodytic city”…

A volunteer on the train accompanies us throughout the trip to provide historical and tourist details.

Stop exhibitions and souvenirs

“After a stop at the platform of Varennes, we went to visit the station of Trôo and admire the various exhibitions: miniature trains, Ronsard, Loir and fossils ».

The “refreshment bar, souvenir shop” was popular with children. On the way back, the train stopped near the Montoire station (this is where the interviews took place in October 1940) to watch the interview film.

The + : for your convenience,book your tickets online.

Everyone is delighted to return from this trip! ”

The “Blue Star” Gymnastics Club

This outing is ideal for family or friends.

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Booklet for children : ask it at the station.

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