The excursion train of the Loir valley

Tchou, Tchou !

Get on board this old-fashioned excursion train for a journey in the Loir valley.
This railcar of the 50’s will take you to Trôo, a little troglodytic town.
A 3-hour journey to discover the treasures of the Vendô
mois region.

On the way to Trôo station, you will make a stop over the TGV (high speed train) railway line.
Careful, be prepared to see the train zip by at up to 300 km/hour!

For beginners or experienced athletes, why not go to the train station by bike along the Saint-Jacques de Compostela route (la route de Saint-Jacques à vélo) or the Loir valley (Vallée du Loir à vélo) ?

Good point: can be reserved online.

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Booklet for children : ask it at the station.

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