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Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage
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Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage

The legend of Saint James

James was one of the twelve apostles and the closest one to Christ. He followed Jesus’ teaching and after His death, he went to evangelize Spain. Back in Jerusalem in 44 A.D., James was decapitated by the Romans because of his Christian faith. The legend has its origins in that time. According to the legend, during the night, two of his disciples took away his body and brought it to Galicia, in northwest Spain. There James was buried, along with two of his disciples at a later date. During the uncertain times of invasions, the exact location of the tomb was forgotten until the year 823 when a star fell to a bush under which his grave was located. After his body was authenticated, a basilica was built on the spot and thus began a lasting veneration. Very quickly, the discovery spread throughout the world and a massive pilgrimage began. Rich or poor, ever more pilgrims over the following centuries choose to make their pilgrimage to this place, sometimes from very far away.

The Roman roads made the pilgrimage easier, with lodgings built by different religious orders, like Cluny.

Making the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage is an unforgettable experience requiring preparation, true effort, and transcending oneself.

By following the marked Compostela road, you enjoy total freedom. With just your walking stick and your backpack, you can go at your own pace, stop whenever you want and sleep in one of the pilgrims’ lodgings.


Association Compostelle 41

A Santiago de Compostela association (Compostelle 41) located in Loir-et-Cher can help you find a place to stay. Ask at the Vendôme tourist office.

Follow one of the two itineraries in a technical booklet from Vendôme to Château-Renault along the Loir river and Lavardin (GR 655) or the fastest road (GR 35) through the Beauce plain (Villersfaux, Ambloy). The two paths converge at Prunay Cassereau.

Itinerary from Cloyes-sur-le-Loir to Vendôme, then from Vendôme to Château-Renault. You can also follow the Compostela bike path.

Find information about the different communities you will cross (lodging, town hall…) Vendôme/Château-Renault stop + Cloyes-sur-le-Loir/Vendôme stop.

If you enjoy being solitary or with others, meeting people, being in nature, taking a break, this is for you !

Sur les chemins de Compostelle, Vendôme proche des châteaux de la Loire...
Sur les chemins de Compostelle, Vendôme proche des châteaux de la Loire...
Sur les chemins de Compostelle, Vendôme proche des châteaux de la Loire...

A Santiago de Compostela association can help you find a place to stay ( ou au

Ask a the Vendôme Tourism Office :