The Perche region on horseback

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For devotees of outdoor games

Everybody on horseback!

A number of itineraries dedicated to riders and carriages allow you the possibility of meandering through our authentic landscapes at your horses pace.

Our riding stables will welcome you to share their passion and love for horses. Some of them offer touring rides and will help you discover the hidden places of our “nature” destination.


Come and enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride to the rhythm of the Percheron horse ?
Or, let Petit Tonnerre and Ugolin guide you for a family outing with “La Bergère du Perche”.
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For contemplative people

Take a walk through our vineyards, you will be able to observe a draught-horse working.
In the Vendôme area, there are more and more wine-growers using this technique which allows more precise work in each individual row and for each individual vine.

Horse-drawn ploughing in vineyards has another benefit since it respects and enhances the soil, especially in parcels where tractor access is not easy.

The Percheron horse

With its beautiful gray, white or black-spotted color, the Percheron horse is the emblem of the Perche region.

Did you know that it can haul up to three times its own weight?

That is why it was used specifically to work on farms, and for merchandise or public transportation (omnibus, tramway).

Horse-race tracks in the Perche hills

Did you know?

The two only horse-race tracks of the Loir-et-Cher department are both in the Perche-Vendômois area: one in Mondoubleau, and the other one in Savigny-sur-Braye. Several races are organized in the spring, especially trotting races and Percheron horse races.

If you have never attended a horse race, take advantage of your stay in the Vendôme area to enjoy this experience!

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