Our rivers and lakes are here for you!

In Category 1 rivers, we have brown trout fishing.

In Category 2 rivers, your catch may include brown trout as well as pike, perch, eel, gudgeon, roach, carp, bleak, pike perch, black bass…

Some of our lakes have been landscaped by the departmental fishing federation to accommodate fishermen with reduced mobility: the lake of Chapoton in Cormenon, Lunay, Azé, Saint-Quentin, Villiers-sur-Loir, Tréhet, Sougé and Selommes.

For fishermen, the best way to discover Vendôme, city of art and history, is street fishing!

A pleasant walk in our parks and gardens at the foot of our historical monuments allows you to combine your favorite activity with the discovery of our tourist sites…

Tourism and fishing:
Listed trips

The listed trips are fishing sites that conform to precise national standards.

Their equipment allows customers the pleasure of fishing under the best conditions, fulfilling their expectations.

3 different itineraries were organized by the National Fishing Federation: discovery, family, passion.

Today, 12 fishing itineraries are listed in Loir-et-Cher, 8 of which are in the Vendôme area (only french) : Cormenon, Saint-Firmin-des-Prés, Selommes, Saint-Martin-des-Bois, Sougé et Tréhet…

Fishing accommodation

Guest rooms, bed and breakfasts, camp sites are essential for fishermen to organize a trip with their family or friends.

The listed quality fishing accommodation guarantees proximity to a fishing spot (less than 5 km), a secure technical room (to store your equipment), inside or outside access to water (to wash your equipment), a bucket for keeping live fish (with oxygenator). A refrigerator for fish and bait, as well as different services (local information about fishing and tourist sites, wifi, maps…)

A dozen places of accommodation in the Vendôme region are listed for “fishing” (only french).