Dolmen en plaine campagne à Saint-Hilaire-la-GravelleDolmen en plaine campagne à Saint-Hilaire-la-Gravelle
©Dolmen à Saint-Hilaire-la-Gravelle|Laurent Merel - OTIPHV
Megaliths and legendary stones
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Megaliths and legendary stones

A bucolic stroll

Let’s go for a bucolic stroll and discover the different aspects of their history. To be discovered by car or bicycle (around 60 km).

The Grisset Tower

Remains of the old inner-sanctum of a Gallo-Roman site (unique in Northern Europe).

This fanum (central part of a little Gallo-Roman temple) was part of a larger cultic complex including two other fana, a well, a water pipeline, baths (excavated in 1965) and other buildings dating back to the 2nd century.

This construction is approximately 8 meters high, nearly square with a beautiful round-shaped brick vault inside.

It has never been restored except for a slight repair in 1996.

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