The Perche region on foot

©Vendôme Tourisme

Are you athletic or rather contemplative?
Curious or in a great hurry?

Whichever it is, with your Topoguide, you will be equally pleased to follow the marked circuits in the Perche Vendômois area.

Hiking on paths and in the forests of the Perche Vendômois discovering authentic landscapes.
Hedgerows, pleached (woven) hedges and pollarded trees dot the way, lending a charming, bucolic atmosphere to your trip.

In the Perche Vendômois, numerous paths for both experienced and novice hikers are marked out: from the yellow short walk (PR) to the yellow and red long walk.

You will discover private little chateaux, “roussard” local stone churches, sunken paths and even a Templar Commandery !

Some circuits have panels in French for you to be able to learn at your own pace all the information about the landscape (circuit du Vieux Bocage and circuit du Bois de la Bulière).

The top three walks in the Perche Vendômois

  1. Circuit du Vieux Bocage in the Temple area.
  2. Between Bocage et Roussard around Sargé-sur-Braye.
  3. Les 3 chemins à Boursay (don’t miss the exhibit about pollarded trees in the botanical house).

Some other walks in the Perche Vendômois

Find all the hiking trips to be done in the Perche Vendômois on IGN Rando.

Short walks for beginners, long walks for experienced hikers and heritage walks for history lovers… There is certainly one for you!


Two mythical initials when you like walking shoes and backpacks. Then, we invite you to follow the famous red-and-white-dash route happily and enthusiastically!

In the Perche Vendômois, you can take the GR 35, the GRPrsur les sentiers du temple” or the GR de liaison 655-0uest (the famous Compostela path).

Places to sleep ?